Introduction to our BAR

Our superior wine bar is located at just a corner of Shinjuku 2chome.

We have variety of organic wines which are imported from all over the world.

We will provide you a great atmosphere with an essence of Japan.

You can also observe paintings of the artist Katsuhiko Hayashi.

Inside our bar, there is a monitor which plays traditional japanese KABUKI and BUYOU(japanese dance).

We assure you an escape from busy urban life.

6 counter seats
1 table 2 parsons, another table 4 parsons.
4 seats on the terrace area are also available



Initial charge fee will be required .

Initial charge fee includes appetizer and service fee.

Ordering 1drink is compulsory.

We have drinks such as glass
Of wines, cocktails, beer ,spirits and softdrinks from 800yen.

Coffee is complimented when you order a drink. Feel free to ask for one.

We also have food of our specialities.

Total charge of 10% will be added if paid.


Store name Wine Style Ginkyo
location Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku 2-12-15 Yamahara Heights No.702
(Please enter the back of the left side of the building. There is an elevator hall on the right-hand side.)
TEL 03-6380-1900
Shop holiday なし
business hours 20:00~04:00
Number of seats 18 seats
(カウンター6席、テーブル4名席×1、テーブル2名席×2、テラス2名席×2 )
Reserved for private use We will charter with 10 people or more (Up to 14 people)
Credit card VISA、Master、JCB、AMEX、Diners Club、DISCOVER、銀聯